Shaping the future through storytelling.

Shaping the future
through storytelling.

Behind bars

Documentary series

Currently in production


Daniel Krikke


Ideefix Film & Media





Behind Bars is a 6-part documentary series about the life stories of 6 young offenders (18 – 24 years) serving their sentences in a Dutch Correctional Institution.

In Behind bars, the 6 delinquents are joined by presentor and rapartist Sef (Yousef Gnaoui) for a period of 30 days. Sef himself temporarily lives as a detainee, side by side with the other detainees. Following the same activities, getting the same treatments, eating the same food and following the same rules. In the process he will become one of the guys to gain trust and build relationships so he will be allowed into their world so that they can tell him their story.

Sef also will work with the detainees to get their story on paper via
storytelling. This happens between activities, in the early mornings and after dinner before the lights go out in the cell blocks. Questions like Where do I come from? Do I feel myself victim of my past? Where did it go wrong? Do I already have the responsibility taken for my deeds? Who should I forgive? Where is my life going? Where did you I control? What are my aspirations? What obstacles do I have to overcome to get there come? will be asked and answered.



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Daniel Krikke